It is sad and very disturbing
To know that so many people
Have all they need to be happy
But our wants and level of content
Has become gravely corrupted

By this world and its ways
By society and social trends
By greed and selfish desires
By thirst and love for money
By many materialistic illusions

When most aspects of our lives
Thou not necessarily perfect
Revolve in relative harmony
With our take on this world
Regardless of circumstances

Be it our flaws and limitations
Be it from the past or present
Be it our love life and livelihood
Be it our hopes and our dreams
Be it aspirations and expectations

We have eyes but we cannot see
That what we seek is in front of us
No matter what we have or don’t
Just waking up to see another day
Just by being healthy and strong

Having food on our tables
Having a roof over our heads
Having cloths on our backs
Most of all having the gift of life
Is enough reason to be happy

In our endeavors to better ourselves
We really need to count our blessings
And appreciate the little that we have
Having soul gratitude and being satisfied
These are the secrets to true happiness

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