Extremely gifted is the mind of a poet
For one can become large than life
An endowment of sheer magnificence
That’s way beyond our wildest dreams
It can transforms lives only with a verse
With its beauty of creative imagination
Even a desolate and barren existence
Can spring forth a garden of inspiration
It makes its mark upon the hearts of men
And can forge mere men into legends
Its rhythmic vibrations can move mountains
Its artistic sensations can breathe new life
For Poetry is the essence of literary science
That christens words into works of art
Just with the use of a paper and a pen
One can create a classic master piece
Enter his name in the pages of history
And sweep the whole world off its feet
It’s time to harness that power of words
Use it to paint the most colorful picture
That will showcase your sacred values
And set the stage for poetic conquest
Seize this chance to reach for the stars
It’s your best opportunity to be acclaimed
For the wonders you can do just with words
To write a new song that will make people dance
To uplift souls from the depths of despair
To touch people’s lives with clouds of hope
To strengthen and encourage the weak
To motivate the masses to never give up
To deliver from darkness and bring to light
To heighten spirits from sadness to bliss
To be the instrument of fiery might
To be the vision that brightens the future
To be the tool that changes lives for the better
To plant seeds of happiness and prosperity
To make others appreciate their worth
To inspire mankind to achieve his dreams
To be the pathway that leads to greatness
To teach wisdom and spiritual enlightenment
To be the beacon of truth in a world of lies
To be the voice for the silently oppressed
To immortalize your story till the end of time
To be all you can be…a writer….. a poet…………

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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Also at: http://bernardowor.wordpress.com/the-script-of-poetic-glory-and-grace/

Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged.


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