The rusty bells of my life’s clock echo with a fading chime
Indeed a self-realization all vanity will soon run out of time
Youthful passionate ignorance of past veiled me with grime
Drinking, partying was the life! Addicted to having a good time

Sweet appealing treasured deceptions of the world bathed me in slime
My worst mistake was taking life for granted by misusing precious time
Made me a star whose short lived glory was as worthless as a shiny dime
For i moved through life believing I could change my fortunes at anytime

Yes I squandered and plundered chances that availed in my prime
I can’t help lamenting and wishing I could rewind the hands of time
Unaware then! Against my future now! I was committing a crime
Sadly no one can recover their lost opportunities or lost time

The most precious thing to have in life is time
Dreams can be shattered by passage of time
Make good use of it, while you still have time
For opportunities lost in the sands of time
Can sire regrets that will last a whole lifetime
Save yourself from the abyss of wasted time

Maybe I could’ve been one of the greats, my achievements sublime
But now I wallow in a sea of regrets that will haunt me for a lifetime
My hope and dreams were like soil needing to be treated with lime
But my blinded sight to chasing worldly pleasures worked overtime

The friends, company I kept, peer pressure were a lethal enzyme
That fed and shared the illusions that had us indulged every time
Instead of nurturing and capitalizing on my ability to write and rhyme
I was ensnared and busy with vices that poisoned the youth of my time

The days of your youth are vital; they offer a healthy and favorable clime
To discover ourselves, for destiny can depend on choices made at that time
So to those still in their youth please listen and learn from this paradigm
Before ruining your lives by doing the same mistakes I did once upon a time

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