People say everything happens for a reason
So some can’t help but wonder and question
What could possibly be the reason behind?
An innocent child getting brutally raped!?
Or a loved one getting brutally murdered!?
So many have tried and failed to understand
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why does evil befall even God faithful’s?
Forcing some to ask does God really exist?
Or where was God when this was happening?
And the question that is most painful to hear
Why is this happening to me????????????
Faiths tried and tested, pushed to the limit
In a world of pain, great suffering and misery
Heinous crimes committed by evil minds
Rape, brutal murders, child abuse, molestation
In times of war, and times of natural disasters
Times of famine, floods, hurricanes, tornados
Earthquakes, landslides, epidemic diseases
Acts of terror, and crimes against humanity
Living with the anguish of a terminal illness
Tragic accidents, property loss and poverty
Only those who have witnessed or survived
Only those who are living and trying to cope
With such disasters, calamities, misfortunes
Can be in a position to fully comprehend
The magnitude of the predicaments
Spawned in the minds of true believers
The pain, the anger, the hatred, the terror
The aftermath of death and destruction
The life loss, the chaos, the madness
The dawn of despair and hopelessness
And the questions that seek answers…..

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