A true believer of poetry as a literary denomination
A man true to verse on a quest of world domination
An endeavor he pursues with a great determination
To emancipate the world from political contamination

Fighting to instill poetic wisdom upon this lost generation
Enslaved in a storm of ignorance and moral degeneration
To free young minds in self-captivity is his sole declaration
And to uphold human values, fend off political alteration

Creative writing the skill he has mastered to perfection
His mission and fortitude has no room for imperfection
His words and lines are weapons of mass affection
His poetic vibrations often induces soul reflection

The wicked are opposed to his wise poetic injection
Using power and money they sound an objection
To stain poetic light with ridicule and global dejection
But the truth always shines even in dark clouds of rejection

Thou not renown but unknown without a book in publication
His method unique and different way beyond classification
His poetic doctrine and teachings are a spiritual purification
Poetry his art, his science, his passion and divine identification!

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


Bernard Owor is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bernard.owor

Also at: http://bernardowor.wordpress.com/the-poet-poetic-order-enigmatic-teacher/

Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged.


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