Born in a village
She is young in age,
A promising student
Through her career
Did her Masters
In English Literature.
Life was good
And full of dream
To achieve something
Envied by many.
Her life of a student
Lasted no longer,
Very early in life
Got a job
As a primary teacher.
A new role to play
In her teaching
She learns,
In her learning
She teaches
The tender hearts.
Still not satisfied
What was achieved,
That fuelled her desire
What remained to be achieved.

Spent some years
With comfort and luxury,
Carefree and monetary.
The parents seemed in hurry
To find her a match to marry
The best in the country.
United two pair of hands
In a grand wedlock.
A quick affair it was
Within a few months,
With few phone calls,
No rendezvous at all,
In a new home did she fall.
The unknown faces
Like newly purchased dresses
Never read her right,
She tried to compromise
To conquer the hearts
That accepted her not
As a member of their own,
She is not a meek dove,
Not an innocent lamb
To brook the insult
They heaped on her,
She was pure at her,
Never played a guile.
The dreamy life turned
A nightmare day by day,
She suffered in many ways
But ironed her will to stay,
She was a lemon to them
They wanted to extract juice
From her mind and body
She felt insulted in every breath
She took day and night,
She lived an aimless life.
The tears cried in vain
But nobody eared to listen
The beating of her heart,
Not even the hubby
Who forgot the promise
Made in the ritual,
Throttled her trust,
Her faith, her confidence too,
Became a bait of his parents,
Not hen-pecked, rather parents-pecked,
He never pitied her feelings,
Not heard her agony,
She was an alien to them.
Very protective and caring
Was his mother for son,
Did he marry for fun?
His demands and desires
Likings and luxuries
Quenched his mother,
Perhaps he lusted
For coitus and reproduction.
Pressure piled on her
With her they were at war.
Life meant for her
Only duties and responsibilities,
Imposed deliberately,
Flung on her aspiring heart
That dreamt a happy life.

All seemed to be over
She is determined
Not to return to them
If she returns
That her heart desires
Same treatment, she knows
She would receive from them
Because she would never
Satisfy their greed.
She has to earn money
Bear the child
Run the household
And be a perfect daughter-in-law,
She is not born for these
Impossible for her to perform.
But she live her life
Life has many colours and beauties.
Miles to go before she sleeps
A promise to succeed she always keeps.

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