If only you believe in Gods mighty power
It enriches us with life to blossom like a flower
His goodness and love come in an endless shower
Of light and of strength his word does empower
In the fight against evil, it makes the enemy cower
God is the pillar and the tower of hope

When the currents of turmoil, charge at full steam
And you’re swept by the torrent of everyday life’s stream
Then it dumps you in the sea of a lost or broken dream
And leaves you drowning in misery too helpless to scream
In this murky watery grave you see no light even a gleam
God is the pillar and the ray of hope

When you’re lost in the dark and wicked life’s terrain
Cast in life’s dark shadow of terror and pain in your brain
And you feel like your whole life is doing down the drain
Leaving you too hopeless and weak to handle life’s strain
When caught in life’s storm and your tears soak in the rain
God is the pillar and the river of hope

When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Fear no evil or the devils cunning tricks and deadly stealth
Even you with a terminal illness eating away at your health
Even you that has nothing, no will to live, no power, no wealth
Even if each moment is of torment leading to your last breath
God is the pillar and the fountain of hope

Let God into your life and you will always have hope

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Copyright © Bernard Owor
Also at: http://bernardowor.wordpress.com/the-pillar-of-all-hope/
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