Of all our human emotions love is at the peak
Waves of its charms flow in an endless streak
Yes it makes us strong but also makes us weak
It can be used as a door for deception to sneak
Love has made futures bright and others bleak
Can cause tears of joy or cause a sad teary leak
Shared by faces of beauty and faces that freak
Can drive to madness beyond words to speak

Love is a shower of bliss to any two souls that click
But can be used as a tool of manipulation by the slick
Thus become a rain of torment which renders us sick
And should never be plunged into with a desperate flick
True love feels like heaven but its hell when it’s a trick
For it can break ones heart like a piece of dried stick
And inflict the gravest of wounds that some forever lick
It needs a strong foundation to build on brick by brick

Love conquers all; hearts that are strong even those meek
They say love can befall you even through a first peek
That loves very scent eradicates the vile loneliness reek
Can bamboozle a sane mind for many a day many a week
Whether rich or poor, black or white, a charmer or geek
Don’t be blinded by looks or smiles that color your cheek
Be very apt and prudent if love is what you mostly seek
Or you might end up drowning in the waters of a fiery creek

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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