I will not worship or accept
the gods made by you all.
They are the projections
of our thoughts, desires, fears
expectations ,dressed with
flowers and jewels, calling them GODS.
The chants are whispering fears,
they sacrifice animals to go to heaven,
I get sacrificed at the altar.
The rhythmical bleeding rips my heart
A drop of ambrosia enough to why quench the thirst
then why this bloody flow from mute animals?
Blind you are , how can you behold the god,
the beauty and ugliness of of living?
You cast the net for Him,
you catch your own shadows
Never your souls you see.
Let me travel alone on this
pathless journey without the burden
of memories of “me” and “I”
Travel yonder where luminous light
shines in the zenith of HIS bosom
and balms me with HIS perfume.

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