to the mystical land of the Gods...

to the mystical land of the Gods…

Beating of drums rising high in the sky
Sounding the tribute of a troubled humanity
Asking for the divine intervention
To shower his blessings dissolved in the rain…

Jingling of bells musically floating up
Singing the song of a praying humanity
Reaching out for the hand of the Creator
To resolve the tussles of the daily grind…

Song in His praise mouthed in unison
With a clapping of hope and joy
Welcoming the arrival of His Lordship
To reside with us as the long awaited guest…

with a promise of return...

with a promise of return… Photo credit:

Days pass and the time to depart arrives
Song, chant, dance and drums lead the way
Followed by the sea of humanity on the way
To the ocean for a final descent with a promise of return…

In the sound of silence I pray
With a quiet murmur of thoughts
Hope and faith alive, waiting for His last embrace
To lead me to the mystical land of the Gods…

Copyright @ Vijay Vaghela

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