The rising sun shines with glory
Ushering in a bright new day
Thank the Lord for the gift of life
And waste no time! Make it count

An opportunity to start over again
To set new goals, to follow a new path
To learn from the past to begin afresh
To chase that dream that ebbs away

Breathe the air that bestows new life
Let all obstacles be yours to overcome
Conquer your doubts and all your fears
For the Lord is for you do not be afraid

Christen your spirit with light and joy
Seek a way to blossom in happiness
You won’t know when your time runs out
The end is sudden it comes with no warning

Don’t waste away like a modern slave
Running around chasing your own tail
So busy with life you forget to live
The morning sun brings new hope

The morning sun a new beginning
To enjoy the fruits of life so sweet
So live your life to the very fullest
Don’t think twice you only live once!

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