A miracle of life is when a woman gives birth
Procreating and propagation our mother earth
With a bundle of joy that is a new born child
The ecstatic bliss can drive everyone wild
For nine months it is treasured and endured
Till it kicks to come out when it has fully matured
I can’t help but marvel at a woman’s strength
When it comes to her child it knows no length
It is the magic of creation a way we blossom
As the child gets drawn to the mother’s bosom
For warmth and nourishment of a mother’s milk
In her fountains of life, breasts as smooth as silk
A child is a divine blessing that has no match
It bonds with the mother from the cord that attach
To the maternal embrace adorned with love
Cemented by God the father from heaven above
A creation of beauty and indeed sweet innocence
And a symbol of our Gods power and magnificence
Lies in the delicate touch of a new born baby
For it’s a bestowal of hope and all things merry
Words fall short in expressing such emotions
For they heighten the spirit to phenomenal proportions
Even as a poet I am moved with greatness
For the miracle of life is an honor to bear witness

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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