It is said many have taken the world on
But only a very lucky few have ever won
When my sense refused to be common
I set my mind to seek out and summon
The wisdom applied by King Solomon
To face and conquer my inner daemon

The say the mind is the greatest weapon
To fight against woes we stumble upon
Ignorance had condemned me of treason
It locked me inside my own mental prison
Where only me and myself could liaison
There I was trapped for many a season

While there I learned life greatest lesson
Thinking outside the box gave me reason
To change starting with myself as a person
It was my ticket to freedom, a loyal pardon
To pursue the dreams that I had to abandon
It was up to me to choose to be my own baron

Or choose to let circumstances be my chaperon
Once i was free I spread my wings like a falcon
I took to the blue skies searching for a beacon
Not long after that I spotted poetry’s wagon
It was filled with nothing but poetic jargon
And I rode it to a much promising horizon

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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