I am thinking about you, not only if am alone,
Reason why every time am on the telephone,
I can’t control my love feelings unto you dear,
Wishing to be each time on your side very near.

How can I resist to listen your romantic tone,
Even a toothless old man can break a bone,
You are the reason I have been smiling this year,
Making my entire soul to merry and keep the cheer.

In my life I have decided to keep you only in line,
Thank you for accepting me and happy to be mine,
I love you and I will always adore your love gear,
Have never imagine to see your eye with a tear.

A tear of regretting to be your lover undermine,
You drive me crazy, feel heavy your love to determine,
My only future and a goal to target my shining star,
Just keep in mind that you will never get any scar.

I send you a bouquet of roses, my dear I hope you are fine,
Every minute my eyes are on your photos so feline,
To show how my love always sticks tight like tar,
Hope won’t drizzle out like tap water on leaking jar.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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