wanting to believe: wanting to believe...

wanting to believe: wanting to believe…

He preached his word
I, a visitor
spectator to a new
and unknown world
listening transfixed
wanting to believe:
wanting to believe…

I listened to his words;
words like God, faith and pray
and I wondered
where did I get lost
when did faith
from me stray away
leaving me to fend for myself

I was born again
stretching my limbs
my mind, learning to find
the love for myself
the love for my God
so that faith
could return once again

I baptized myself,
letting his words
wash over me [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”] cleansing my soul
leaving me pure and free;
free to believe once again
that The Lord is my Shepherd

Copyright © Priya Patel

Also at: https://plus.google.com/113123022525505274205/posts/jL9dDmY6Vto


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