They say, “As light as air”
But I have felt heavy air –
Burst through my corpuscles leaving
A breathless alveoli.
The express way that would pass
Through my Mama’s living-room
Was an optimistic trance of a pessimist
Closing up at the palace gates.
A kingdom of tyrants-
That’s the name of our program planning committee.
My father has got a newness in the
Outer rendering of his house
Flood tracks like ocean’s depth
It got my dog amputated.
Our brothers are lost in dissipation
While lives are getting ‘betterly worse’
We grinned eagerly in dissimulation
And got them in again.
But they forgot the lies they told us.
Oh! See the walking body of the beheaded man.
Arteriosclerosis gave way to carditis
We lost our heads and wills in the chaotic escapade
That brought about this long alarmed disquisition.
I am not a dissident but
We are being dried up by these desiccants;
The reason why my pen cries.

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