In the abstruse
Journey of life
Many faces young and old
Come and go
Like the new born
And the dead.
Arrive some new faces
As colleagues
In your profession
Some stay friends
At your alienation.
Windy life blows
At hungry speed
And removes them away
We once fondly lived.

Some known faces
With hidden motives
In friendly robe
Use your brain
For timely gain
And win the game
Then forget your name.
Like a milch cow
You are milked
To suit their purpose
To meet the demand.
So selfish we are
So shameless is
Our character
Like the chameleon
Even worse than that.

We are civilised
In complexion,
Brutalised in intention.
Again they surface
As time walks on
In your life
To seek the hand
To bail them out
And again
You turn saviour.
But once gone the danger
Faded you are
Once more.

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