I pretended that I was not feeling pain,
I swallowed the bait though it was bitter,
Fight very hard not to let my tears drain,
Cause I knew complaining was not better.

I was used to that type of reception lain,
Sweet beginning with bad end in jitter,
Lack of money being the cause of slain,
So I decided to remain silent my sister.

I wished I could provide you all the value coin,
But how could I do that my dear and lover?
By that time my status was pathetic grain,
You knew that very well my engel weaver.

Its true you did confused my brain,
When finally shown up that money spender,
Flossing with expensive cars and wine swain,
I slowly folded my hands after seeing you in his binder.

Shame and assault of betrayal gunned your love chain,
Had nothing to say but those wicked words tender.
Which keep being repeated in my mind again and again,
I acted to be much brave but in me was a wound render.

Love is strong its destructive this is truth so plain,
This the reason in my room I used to cry in secret plotter,
Outside I looked strong but inside me had much rain,
Today I disclose my suffering through this letter.

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