storm now raging within me...

storm now raging within me…

The wind howls like a crying wolf
gnarled branches wavering
shaking the core of her every existence
scratching itchy windowpanes
rattling from the angry winds
I hear none of it;
oblivious to all but the
sound of your voice
the soft whisper, barely audible
thru the fear, nervousness, anxiety
the soft pleadings of a man in love
Hours later, in the dark of night
an eerie silence outside
the storm now raging within me
I pray to hear the howling winds
the rattling windows
the phone, a cry, anything
but the fear of loss in your voice
A seed of hope now planted
Do I hope? Do I believe?
I do not know [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”] I am a book of questions
without answers to guide me
I am a child reaching out
Tell me what to do

Copyright @ Priya Patel

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