It is time we face the truth and tell it like it is
Mankind has become his own worst nemesis
Turning a blind eye is not going to solve this
The problem isn’t just yours, mine, hers or his

It is for all of us to deal with this diagnosis
To come together and find a swift prognosis
Against human suffering spreading like osmosis
The sad and escalating global refugee crisis

Going through fiery hell so as to find an oasis
Only to perish in teary seas just like Atlantis
The horrors of it all can induce a state of paralysis
But before pointing fingers with a judging thesis

We must wake up from our state of hypnosis
And seek to understand its unsettling basis
View it from the eye pupil of humanity’s iris
Looking over the globe rotating on its axis

Because only after completing a self-analysis
Will we see the need of placing great emphasis
Upon the very nature of humankind vis a vis
Global change, to undergo a metamorphosis

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