The Feminine Touchthe feminine touch

At my birth into this orb of confusion,
There was that lady who stood tall,
That woman who loved me body and soul,
She who sacrificed to keep me warm, My Mother.

I grew and was gifted with so much riches,
Care and compassion were mine to enjoy,
A woman was at my side loving and kind,
Her helping hands and soothing voice, My Sister.

I went to school with so much pomp and flair,
A woman there caressed my mind and dreams,
She influenced so many leaders of men,
My guide and example of unselfish dedication, My Teacher.

Full of pride and restless, I was a wild stallion,
My antics brought shame and stress,
A woman brought calm and tender passion,
She taught me to love deep and strong, My first love.

Time passed and I sought a companion,
One to share my triumphs and debacles,
She proved to be my right hand in life.
She was my pillar of strength and rearguard, My Wife.

Calloused and bitter at my failures,
I received new hope that drove me harder,
Her face was so innocent and so angelic pure,
A wisp of a girl who brought me untold joy, My Daughter.

The years fly by so fast, time awaits no man,
Soon my time here will be done, expiration,
She shall cradle me in her warm environs,
Protect my carcass from the jackals, My Motherland.

©Perveiz Ali

( If you are a man value a woman, if you are woman then be proud of yourself)

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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