THE END OF END……1/16/15

Shooting stars on order,
Meteors shower on order
Frozen embryos on order,
Actin partner on order
Sexual pleasure on order
Worship in temple on order.
Beautiful face on order
human parts made to order.
Frozen humans are brought to life ,
Chips in the man
He is not human nor a machine,
Man wants to delay ageing,
Conquer death .
Polluted this heavenly earth,
Dreams of going to other planets
Just to pollute and destroy that.
Oh dear man ,where is the end
of your greed, what
satisfies your senses?
All flora and fauna are
getting extinguished
Climate , unpredictable ,
No pure water to drink
No pure air to breath
No food free from poison
made millions refugees
Earth is shelled with poison weapons
in the name of god
You kill, maim and rape
Talking of human rights
You destroy homes
Temples and schools.
Taken the right of dignified lives
Tell me what else you want?
I sit and cry in a corner
To come to senses I scribble
A few lines with my blood
On the ageing skin of my body.

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Copyright © Seema Devi

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Photo Credit:  Seema Devi

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