I looked at the sun still couldn’t see light,
My world all-over sudden turned too dark,
My whole life went into a eclipse blackout,
In pieces I could see my heart break.

On what bases was she stopping my flight?
Love to me had another meaning and track,
The word no crashed my feelings with no limit,
I was used to her romantic word yes quick and brisk.

Like a lone chick and rain on the window in sight,
Like a sick gazelle in the middle of a deserted park,
I found myself kneeling down for her to return,
Although in vain since the time she turned her back.

The pains of love made me mad with no shift,
Like a ship struck by strong waves in a storm and stuck,
Or a fisherman who lost control and fell on the rift,
A nightmare with her absence on my Noah’s Ark.

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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