until dawn unfurls

until dawn unfurls…

In the stillness of the night,
on soundless wings, it comes tapping
and descends upon me
like a soft kiss on an infant’s cheek
I see it not, but feel it pierce my sleep.
my pallid face radiates a fleeting smile
I surrender my weary head
to my pillow on which
the whimpers of life’s burden
sing a dark song all night
until dawn unfurls
and the rays of a new-born sun
strike my sleepy head.
I yawn, straighten, struggle to rise
contemplating about the chores in line
then, I smile to what came calling
in the stillness of the night [avatar user=”Gracy DSouza” size=”100″ align=”right”] with wings that urged me to fly
and so,
I rouse to the calling
and begin to write

Copyright © Gracy D’souza

Also at: http://www.gracydsouza.com/?p=2363

Disclaimer:  The picture used herein above (top) is taken from the Internet


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