So deep and painful is the stab of betrayal
Especially from the ones we entrust as loyal
Such a blow when struck is instantly fatal
For a heart once warm turns as cold as metal
A blow expected from a foe or a fiercest rival
Instead those close to us instigate its arrival
Like the lover we partner with ties that are bridal
Who bestow tears of blood in a wave that’s tidal
By kisses, love and the fruits that are conjugal
Before they implode turn to a force centrifugal
It builds on trust for that’s the door that’s focal
To blind from schemes not external but local
Within vile men there lies a monstrous animal
Without any virtuous, beastly cruel and primal
It is indeed like a malady so deadly and viral
It consumes one soul in this world and astral
To see it needs all the wisdom you can marshal

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