like shattered shards of glass...

like shattered shards of glass…

Even as you begin
so much of me has ended;
like the hurt and pain
you so often inflicted
like bouncy balls conflicted
in the walls of my head

How many ways can
you pierce my soul?
No longer!
I am no longer your
cushion to pinch

Your lies and betrayal;
always a reminder
of what was and would still be
if so foolishly
I had still been your wife;
but you are no more my life
No more can you sprinkle hurt
like shattered shards of glass
on the tarmac of me
for now I can see
with eyes wide open

No longer can you feed
on my fear for you
because I am no longer afraid
of the things you could do
You are no more
no more a part of me
I have left all of you
so completely… [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”]

Even as you begin
so much of me has ended
and so much of me
has started to live

Copyright @ Priya Patel

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