In this dream I saw locusts in multitude,
Evading and destroying the divine land,
Eating the green plants as well I saw a millipede,
Scrambling for the harvests of man not to stand.

They came in clouds of millions wide,
So powerful was out of control as whirl wind,
Was so horrifying hence all people did hide,
No single soul stopped for their properties to defend.

Within few seconds the land remain bare to divide,
There was left nothing but the soil and hot sand,
As the swarm of locust forward did glide,
Left the desperate people wailing in pain behind.

Out of the sand a beautiful woman did protrude,
Surrounded by millions of men with muscular grand,
They followed her movements in uniform side to side,
As her garments produced soothing music like a live band.

Though were many everyone wanted to get her ride,
Capturing their minds thus why she control their bond,
Her Vail was transparent to trap their emotions guide,
Suddenly she changed to be the beast which ate them unto the end.

I saw the men’s blood gushing out in fresh node,
As the beast drunk its hunt out of its prey wound,
Oooh! It was terrible and horrific scene to bide,
Then I woke up while panting with sweat all around…

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