Inside of me, there’s a duel of myself and I
One heart, one mind, one body, one soul
We both want to live but one must die
We both have the power to kill the other

The fiercest battle forever being fought
The field of battle is deep within my core
I, on one side against myself on the other
To control, to conquer and to rule supreme!

My enemy is determined to strike me down
Viciously attacking my points of weakness
He knows my secrets and reads my thoughts
And I know his! For we dwell in oneness!

The lines drawn between good and evil
An ongoing war of my rights and wrongs
Decisions our swords hungry for blood
Choices the cuts both sides inflict

The battle rages on, it’s an everyday struggle
If I is triumphant the prize is eternal life
If myself is victorious! I shall pay the price!
Can you not see the dilemma me face?

So with each day and night we fight in spirit
And so it will be till I draw my very last breath
Through my rise and fall the struggle continues
It’s a fray for my soul a fight I mustn’t quit

I must win for should I lose I’ll be lost
I, myself needs to win can’t afford to lose
I know that the outcome depends on me
I have the freewill to decide the destiny of me

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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