Many men are after your love,
Hence makes me to be worried,
How will I live without you my dove?
Miss your love and I am dead and buried.

Wish if I could open my soul’s curve,
You could see the arranged love bed,
My feelings unto you are hot like a raging fire,
If taken away my heart will be a lost painful desire.

Sweet love is what I will pray for and give,
Won’t leave you even a single moment bored,
Civilized love sharing, not even a single native word,
Fresh love fruits I will bring them on board.

Give me just a single chance to rave,
Living without you am feeling too bad,
Its like a chased animal from its cave,
Or breaking both wings of a poor bird.

Please I beg my angel, my love you serve,
Have mercy on me never let your love fade,
Or pick another man on your drive,
Please hear my plea for my feelings are alive and not dead.

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