She is somebody’s wife by now,
How she left me I don’t know,
I am hurt inside my soul hence I bow,
I’m confused like a lost she cow.

Money bought her love too new,
I couldn’t buy it and that’s she knew,
Poverty and me we are one crew,
So unto her I was stinking brew.

I beg her, for her love to follow,
But my plea was too thin and hollow,
Making my self-esteem to go low,
The taste of love unto me is bitter grow.

Pains in my heart and soul pew,
Tears in my eyes roll down and drop in my stew,
Woman like her in this world are few,
That’s why I suffer as she did flew.

Her marriage dried my hopes like dew,
I went on a loss her love couldn’t chew,
My torn heart has no one to sew,
She’s taken and gone hence I received a love blew.

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