Peace be unto the hearts that languish
Seeking refuge from a life of anguish
They wear a face so easy to distinguish
For it burns with hurt too hard to extinguish

It is very tough to settle an inner skirmish
It needs a heart that’s strong not squeamish
For in within lies the foe who comes to blemish
Without soul food many hearts do famish

If victory is what one seeks to accomplish
Then fears and doubts are a must to abolish
For one to shine! There’s friction through polish
Not fortune not fame not cloths that are stylish

Our Inner strength has that ability to astonish
And power to make that enemy within vanish
Trials and tribulations are not meant to punish
But to prepare us for battles that seek to banish

Us from true happiness, from dreams we cherish
Battles from which we get lost, some forever perish
The power to overcome need not be sort in a parish
But in the strength we possess it can make us flourish

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