SPIRIT BROKENSpirit Broken Painting Framed

I don’t want to live, yet I don’t want to die.
Where can I run to, where can I hide?
Don’t show me the sun, take away the stars
This wracking debilitating pain inside my mind
Relentlessly tortures throughout day and night.

There was a time the salty breeze and wind
Swept into my soul and my heart would sing
With purity and eagerness, swimming with tides
I soared with eagles with such lust for life
Endless days of passion, always winning the fight.

Many battles I won, with my head held so high
No one could ever destroy me, or my pride
Neither sword nor boulder could conquer me
With strength, I pursued what I knew to be right
Destroying blackness before it enveloped my life.

Those beautiful days of golden sunlight, so free
Such brief moments of bliss, passionate ecstasy
Just fleeting memories now, I watch the sun set
Impending inevitable darkness soon to take hold
Destroying my dreams, heart, brave spirit and soul.

I don’t want to live, yet I don’t want to die.
Where can I run to, where can I hide?
Cancerous growth of sadness, too much to bear
Black dog’s invasiveness, destroying all sanity
Imbedding darkness, acidly eating into agony.

Written by Lyndell Muirhead MFAI
19th March 2016





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Copyright © Lyndell Muirhead

Lyndell Muirhead is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/lyndell.muirhead

Photo Credit: The image used herein is a painting by the author herself, who is an artist as well, besides being a poet and writer.



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