You are like oxygen in my territory,
The reason of my smile and glory,
Who makes me to see that life is important,
I never regret having you in my radius’ stagnant.

You have not stop to tell me sorry,
If my things turns from worse to fury,
Wiping my tears down my chin’s slant,
Hence I write these vibes my thanks I plant.

How can I repay you, its a long story,
Loosing you my comrades is my biggest worry,
You are my blood cells not a potential client,
Who can change interest whenever they want.

I write this words deep from my soul I carry,
Showing you how special you are hence I do merry,
Your names are written on the walls of my heart,
The reason why if away you go I get to be hurt.

As I drop down this pen my dearies, kisses unto you I ferry,
Let this bond remain tough and as unbroken jerry,
Wherever you are, receive my regards in bold font,
Let make this friendship forever never gets to faint.

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