I am ready in life to remain single,
Since she has find another man to mingle,
Not me poor, unsuccessful and simple,
My love stinks like a rotten apple.

I have decided to surrender in this battle,
Love is delicate, needs wisdom to wattle,
She has made her mind, to put off my candle,
Step on my wicked heart in painful trundle.

I had begged her for long, to stay a little,
In return was a silent hot loanword wattle,
Never picking my calls, I have no any title,
Just to let her love go, is the solution to settle.

I wish I could have money, to lavish her nipple,
The only key and water her thirst to resettle,
Empty words I do give, never build her a castle,
Soon she will be taken, my heart is in pain spittle…

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