We are fade up with blood sucking bites
And exploiters in day light with gentle faces
We aim to rise to peak of happiness like god
With fucking torn wallets dreaming
Swaying of heaven.
I never know cuddling before mother
Later make me insane like this
Licking milk by her so close nipples
Later cost me so hardship and starvation
In famine of love I would have to scissor
Nude pictures of angels
I have to recheck and introspect thousand time
Her beauty and write review like blind man
It became impossible to access
Without it I feel lame
And life is shame and humiliating
Starvation 1 – your dish
Starvation 2 – love access of her
Starvation 3 -if you are not robot fill the code if above 3 fields blank you are not apt
To see face of him
Starvation killing slowly
But here my identity lost or considered as not human
Being or creature or buried cremated or neglected
As beggar or be as immortal robot
What pitiable play started cunning people here with me
Later I saw nude photos but disguised faces and
Criminal also disguised for shameful deeds
Then what I did shameful in my life?
That you conspired to smear my face with charcoal
Or tarcoal
I thought somebody would understand me
Somebody would believe me
Somebody would consider me liable to live
Somebody would certify me as honorable
I have knowledge to serve my company
That is my education and nothing else
As Monologue of buffet later.
I would have to surrender on their feet like
You are not woman with beauty tools
So you go to hell wretched! nasty prick!
If you don’t creep die in starvation
Counting starry night sky
And this your own brother dreams about you
And seduce mind of sister on currency bed
Now are you ready to drag out your weapon
To fight with them
Now mother is not near to hear your
Midnight inside cry
So many people before your eyes
But nobody touch your heart
Is it not like a day dream? because depended on others
Response, very critical to breathe life.
God is not nearby you to hear your woes
He slept in duplex with all gold, silver, diamond
So forget this starvation 4 to meet in this dead corpse
Life, pray and wander in name of him beg only
And die as common man, is not that simple?

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Copyright © Shivaji Pandhare

Shivaji Pandhare is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008718191761

Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.


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