by wanting to get out...

by wanting to get out…

I cant do this anymore...

I cant do this anymore…









We become blinded
by fear and determination
by wanting to get out
by needing to do the right thing
when filing for divorce

We flood our minds with words like
Im doing it for the kids
I cant do this anymore
I dont want them to see me like this
…to feel me like this

But they do
They see and feel our distress
Our anguish becomes their anguish
and we are just too blind to see
We are too busy doing the right thing

Our kids; our precious gems
we do not see their pain
I did not see [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”]

Their names were between something and nothing
while I sloughed miserably
through fighting for our freedom

Copyright © Priya Patel

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