Social Responsibility

We live in a social space, with a unique niche,
Each of us have our roles to play unwaveringly.
We have an unwritten constitution of rights,
In an amalgamation of families, called society.

There are expectations of solid contributions,
Talents and skills need to be shared wisely.
Wealth and blessings to be evenly distributed,
Empathy towards each other as family does.

Rejoicing in the elation of accomplishments,
Unity paves a way to a developed nation.
Be aware of the problems facing our progress,
Eradicate poverty, disease and wanton cruelty.

Each citizen must strive to uphold justice,
Embracing roles in collective responsibility.
To broaden our visions and epitomize diversity,
Breaking the shackles of caste, creed and race.

God does not divide His mercy among creatures,
Seek not to break His covenants given in trust.
Start your contribution for the betterment of society,
By utilizing your inherent talents and potential.

©Perveiz Ali
Edited by: CarlPontiak

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali

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