Lost Herd


The time’s gone bad, poets been struck hard
In a world gone mad, with trends unheard
It is regretfully sad, and completely absurd
The wisdom we once had, Is now a shaved off beard
So lost like a herd that hasn’t a shepherd

Just another poetic lad, fighting to be heard
Each day seems to add, a new kind of hazard
Still with a pen and pad, i write to safeguard
Poetry’s prideful fad though this worldly blizzard
So lost like a herd that hasn’t a shepherd

A free spirited bird, I soar the skies like a buzzard
So gifted and glad, with words am like a wizard
A sprouting poetic bud in a generation so awkward
Many times i fall with a thud, other times I fly wayward
So lost like a herd that hasn’t a shepherd

Within me a poetic stud, ready to step forward
Armed with words like a scud ready to bombard
With a heart that won’t shud to fears like a coward
Trying to steer out of this mud and keep forging onward
So lost like a herd that hasn’t a shepherd

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Copyright © Bernard Owor
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