So I Dream

So I Dream

I Dream of being the sun for the night,
And paint every dreary dreadful sight,
With colors of blissful pretty glee,
And graze the fortunes of the golden sea.

I Dream of being the solemn tide,
Today so wild, at times abide,
Wash the tired old land’s shore,
Wash away all that it abhors.

I Dream of being the joyous breeze,
Dance through the clouds and never cease,
Sing with the merriest pretty little lark,
Breathe through every light and dark.

I Dream of being a thunder cloud,
So grave, so dark, so silent and loud,
Rain down on the cold tiny sand,
And set ablaze a life so bland.

I Dream of being someone’s Dream,
A wavy sea, a sunshine stream,
A silent friendly strong buoy,
A love so merry, a sun of joy!

Copyright @ Gaurav Dusane

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