A first hand sneak peek at the style and grace of the pages of SPECTRUMS by Kim van Breda…a hard copy print collection of exotic poems in full colour in A5 size…that you can possess. Presently the author resides in Dallas, Texas, USA.

SNEAK PEEK – New Release

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An exquisite collection of poems from the heart, mind and soul, poems of feelings, thoughts and emotions….running into 100 pages in A5 standard size print version book, and with full colour glossy coverpages and all inside pages in full vivid dreamy colourful images and backgrounds…quality par excellence, that walks hand in hand with style…a “must read” and a “must possess” for all genuine true lovers of poetry.

If you can’t attend the live event do not lose heart. Do take a cyber walk to Kim Van Breda’s event page…or profile page on facebook to know more. For details and purchase enquiries contact Kim Van Breda.

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