Sitting by the lakeside,on a sunny beautiful evening
Awestruck by the scintillating sight in the foreground
The sunlight sparkling and glittering on water
Like countless diamonds tossed on never ending sheet of glass
Passing kayaks ,motor boats,floaters and sail boats
Bedecked,bejeweled,bewitched and beyond

The still soft balls of cottony clouds stalled
enthralled by the display of such extravaganza
The vast expanse of water embracing the pristine blue sky
Filling my heart and spilling over whispering tenderly
Here’s nature at its most sublime ,serene and benign stature.
A sight I wish to freeze, preserve. and peep into
In those dreamy,solitary special moments of life.

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Copyright © Geetha Padmanabhan

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Disclaimer: The picture used herein is possibly taken from the Internet

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