Gumboots on her feet
Skirt pulled above her knees
Her long braid coiled on top of her head
She sits in the sun on a rock
A bucked between her feet
Plucking the feathers of a foul slaughtered a few hours prior
With the back of her hand she dabs trickling sweat from her forehead
Humming one of Damian’s compositions

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city
she can think clearly
He went back to Istanbul, to his family home
His father demanded that he be there to meet with diplomats
“She’s a peasant girl?!” She heard his mother exclaim
So much has been said that Delilah fled to her own family home
Their simple life is what she needed
He promised to follow her if she tried running

She did not realize how much she missed it all
Even the monotony of the never ending chores
She is glad to be home
Letting go of the love of her life
Her parents having seen her distraught face
Respected her, “not now please”
Thankful for her exhaustion at night, she sleeps peacefully

More at easy and falling in line with everybody’s needs
In the afternoon she was singing to the rhythm of the bees
While brushing her damp hair in the waning sun
Her blouse tied in a knot above her bellybutton
She sways too the song in her heart
A sudden cloud burst and she was soaked through
So much for drying her hair

For a moment she closed her eyes
Her head tilted back, her hands cupped, to catch the rain
She remembered their first kiss
Damian’s aftershave still fresh on her breath
She could hear him sing his song to her
When she opened her eyes there we was
His arms open to receive her into his embrace

“Dance with me tonight
Oh Delilah, Delilah,
my hearts is calling you
I am your Samson
And you are all that I need
My world is brighter with you therein
Yea-yea-yea Oh Delilah
You are my love, my queen
Come into my arms
Come as you are
Let’s dance tonight….”

They have missed each other as much as there is water on the earth
Delilah did not need a second invitation
In a wink she was in his arms
on tip-toe dancing with her beloved
Oblivious of the thunder and lightning
With fiery heartbeats they danced to the tune of two souls and one heart
Then he swept her up into his arms and carried her inside
Her family elated in smiles and tears

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