In a stupor I sail on a rocking boat
Tightly I cling on my poetic coat
I know not how long I can stay afloat
On the shores of success will I get to gloat?

This prized endeavor what my fate has brought
It’s a treasured chest so many have sought
Yet so few have won such a battle fought
Can I be saved from this waves am caught?

Set on a life’s mission I cannot abort
I dream and envision my anchor at port
It is a great promise that offers me comfort
Or is it an illusion in my mental fort?

Oh Lord my God! Sincerely I hope not
For I stand to reason it is my only shot
My chance to show case all that I’ve got
Will I find my glory before am covered in rot?

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Copyright © Bernard Owor
Bernard Owor is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bernard.owor
Disclaimer: The picture used herein is taken from the Internet


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