The bee buzzes in to take refuge
in cool silkiness of petals; is it subterfuge
or to savour the nectar in the skin?
Inebriates, whistles and bristles within…

The shores evermore sear in to take refuge
basking in the bath of the flowing deluge
or to favour the borders of the rasping rivers?
Ricochets, resuscitates as it shivers…

Wounds of wisdom seek a calm refuge
tempering the tempest of cerebral centrifuge
or an umbrage to assuage the simmering pique?
Wreaks, tweaks, as it settles at peak.

Reality spikes the contours of delusion
cogwheel gears up to wade the path of vision…

S.R.Ravi ……… 25.6.2015

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Copyright © Ravi Ranganathan

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Image credit: Vijay Vaghela

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