we have the power


Words do bear much wisdom and sight
Which most don’t use! They throw away
The claim to greatness rests in our hands
A truth that’s plain but mostly unseen
We’re built much stronger than we appear
To create our life’s path, and define our place

We are born to win any of life’s fight
As long as we don’t let our efforts sway
The will to weave destiny’s strands
Only unveils to those apt and keen
Minds unbound by doubts and fear
We can overcome whatever we face

We learnt to walk; we can also learn to take flight
It is within our power to live life our way
And within our power to choose where our fate lands
The strife and struggles that come in-between
Seek to breaks us, blind us and make our role unclear
But we must never give up, never quit life’s race

We have to hang on and hold on tight
We must rise when we fall come what may
Doors are opened by a mind that understands
It is up to us to make our pastures green
And towards success that’s how we draw near
To ultimately fulfilling the life dreams we chase

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Copyright © Bernard Owor
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