weeping girl


It’s seven in the morning

I feel you as a stranger

How can I chat with you


Her message in Facebook

Made the morning dark and cloudy


Nothing happened special

During last twelve hours

Between we two


What a pleasure we felt

When finished up love gossips

By seven at night yesterday


Filled with full of bliss

I forgot to greet her by ten at night

As usual

Ignoring two and a half time difference

She’d being waiting with sighing and tears

At twelve thirty in midnight

With somnolent eyes


Being unaware of prevailing disaster

I’d been enjoying with her in dreaming

In one bed snuggling together

Chatting and laughing

Throughout the night


It was almost seven next day morning

I hear weeping of my sweetheart

On the Facebook page

Placing blame on me

My heartbeat stopped concurrently

With amazement


How can I address

I feel a stranger in front of you

She’s in tears


Bewilder of what do next as I’d done nothing wrong

Anger vanished in pleasant memories

Pray for God

Sarcastically I mentioned I have no answer


We exchange few

In a pool of tears

Her ripping made me full of grief

Both hearts collapsed

Under their own weights


Tsunami started

I realized the reason

Why not you greeted last night

As usual

Tsunami measuring point in high level

Climbed on a tall Palmyra tree

Sea waves become violent

I comforted on the tree till Tsunami ends


Long silence

I started to rebuild my house destroyed by Tsunami

I sent my explanations and consoling words

To help her to build up her own


Twelve hours spent uncomfortably

I was woke up by sudden energy

With pleasant hopes in heart

Opened the Facebook


Her house too well rebuilt

She’s begged pardon putting full stop

To Tsunami


She’d been weeping past twelve hours

I’ll grant clemency for any future mistake

As she’s mine forever


*Sunil Algama* May 2, 2014

Thank you all who read my poem

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Copyright © Sunil Algama
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