Lost like a soul
Lone and entrapped
In an earthly abyss
Swept by currents of life
From the source of desires
Into the ocean of fate
Seeking a way

Lost like dreams
Drowning in waves
Of times long past
Burning in fires
Of past mistakes
Choking on smoke
Of now and present
Seeking my destiny

Lost to myself
Trying to belong
Blown by the winds
The winds of change
Stuck like a wheel
The will of fortune
Seeking success

Lost like hope
In a desert of nothingness
At last an oasis…….
No…it’s just a mirage
Where will I refuge?
Out in the cold
Seeking a home

Lost like a mind
On the verge of insanity
Nothing makes sense
Reality and fantasy
Can’t tell which is which
In darkness I rove
Seeking the light

Lost like memories
Of moments of joy
Blissful notions………
Turning to despair
Of things undone
And stones unturned
Seeking happiness

Lost like innocence
Defiled by ignorance
Shrouded by lies
Blinded by shadows
And a materialistic fog
Of everyday life
Seeking the truth

Lost like a heart
Hollow and empty
No kiss and caress
No loving embrace
Just a lonely be
Truculent passion
Seeking love

Lost like a scroll
Of epic knowledge
Spiritual teachings
That shows the way
In life and in death
The astral and beyond
Seeking wisdom

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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Also at: http://bernardowor.wordpress.com/seeking-to-be-found/

Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged.


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