This flesh is just but a coat
A shell that cloths my spirit
It is bound to wither and die
But my essence lives eternal
Who I am resides so deep
My being lies in the core
Within my heart and soul
If you want to know me
Glimpse beyond the surface
Gaze deeper into my depths
Let your eyes see into me
Yonder that cosmic veil
Then you will truly see
In me a wonder to behold
My hair, my skin and color
My looks, my body and shape
Are all nothing but a facade
A mask is what you perceive
The image such qualities paint
Form only the covers of a book
So before you judge be wise
And study what’s on the pages
My aura, my id and ego
Settled upon my quintessence
Depict the truest picture
Of me an etheric and astral entity
For I am a creature of light
This form is only a shadow
Don’t just look at me…..see me
When you see me……………I will see you

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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Disclaimer: The image used herein is taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged.

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