I wrote about the dying African elephant,
In return they said I am going crazy,
Polished me with nicknames of discontent,
I swallowed the bait deep in me was feeling heavy.

Poor animal soon will go to be extinct,
Their reply unto me was I am too lazy,
Even right now am stiff in pains torrent,
For they kill the Jumbo like its so easy.

They asked me a question, am I a lieutenant?
I said no, just a sympathiser who is going dizzy,
They laughed very loud like ocean current,
They answered, join us and get rich if you are not busy.

People, poor people smashing their government,
Their own properties selling because of money,
Corruption has been their song in their department,
Made me to crawl like a serpent in desert journey.

Right now someone is reading this and is ignorant,
What is this useless man trying to tell the attorney?
Tells me, fight for your poor life and pay debt of your rent,
The elephant money is so sweet more than honey.

Yes! May be they are right, but I remain defiant,
I have no power neither fame nor influence to convey,
So even if I write, no one will read the plea of peasant,
And if it happen they do read, will ignore it, its so funny.

Elephant has become a hot spot to hunt,
Gaming them is rising like the sun in agony,
Shut up your mouth, they told me, its haunt,
Let us get rich and cover our skins which are bonny.

Get rich now and grow big forever and permanent,
Before the last elephant dies without having a balcony,
But if they got finished before you get rich in silent,
You will remember my writings in this tabernacle corny.

Finally I am dropping my quill’s point,
Wishing this ink will touch their heart phoney,
And leave alone the poor animal, won’t remain dormant,
Find another ways of searching for the blood penny…

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


Changez Ndzai is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/changez.ndzai

Photo Credit: Nayna Shah – at Masai Mara, Kenya


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