In emptiness where nothing can happen
Murmurs are gossiping in unrecognizable voices.
In the smoky night of unending time
I invoke the sleeping love you gave frantically.
In the starry night with windy gales,
Drowsy, sneaky formlessness follows me.
A quiver of leaf in still and cloudy night,
Is heard by my as echoing thunders loud.
The pleasant days and nights spent with you
Imprisoned as golden lines in the whorls of thought.
I invite the suns, stars and planets , frantically
To become the guiding to lamp my curvy road.
Vibrant pleasant memories become half true, half false.
True or false , light or shadows, unable to recognize.
Fallen from Eden, rolled in turmoil in the mirages
I am roaming,searching the lost home in the eternity.

Seema Devi…28.9.14

, via Wikimedia Commons

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